You will grow old with these photos. These are your heirlooms telling the story of a bold, passionate, shout it from the rooftops kind of Love.



Rings, dresses, flowers, socks, hugs, silly faces, tears. There are so many tiny details that will fill your day with magic. My goal is to capture as many of these small details as I can, perhaps without you even knowing it, while allowing you to always revel in every moment of your wedding day.


Husband & Wife

I am a sucker for an awesome love story. When a Bride and Groom can’t take their eyes off of each other, when the Groom can’t keep his hands to himself…THAT is what I want to shoot. Don’t worry, I will get mom and grandma a few pictures of you smiling at the camera, but this moment is about the two of you being oh so passionately into each other. Let your emotions run wild. Don’t hide it.


Let’s Party

Your reception is the cherry on top. The moment where you can let your hair down!! I will be joining you and yours on the dance floor as you break it down. I want you to feel the music through your pictures. Lord knows you can’t take boring photos during Usher.

Bride and Groom

Are we a good match?

There’s a lot I have to say about wedding photography, so if you are thinking about hiring me for your day, please read!!!!

Let’s get really honest.

Weddings Are Not about photographs.

There. I said it. <3

They aren’t about the cake. They aren’t about the venue. They aren’t about Pinterest boards. They aren’t about Facebook updates.
They aren’t about your Instagram feed. They aren’t about my Instagram feed.

Weddings Are about Marriage.

Two becoming One.
The moment when you get to share this RADICAL LOVE for another human being with your friends and family.

When you understand this….THAT is when the magic happens with your wedding photos.


My job throughout this day is to make sure your story is preserved in time.
My job throughout this day is to create priceless heirlooms for your children, and your children’s children.
My job is to capture moments that can be felt, not just seen.


What i care about

  • Couples who are COMPLETELY INTO EACH OTHER. Couples who lose themselves in each others eyes and while the hustle and bustle of wedding logistics are going on around them can forget that they aren’t the only ones in the room.

  • Intimate connections & vulnerability

  • Golden hour - I can not express to you the feeling of a lingering sun wrapped around a couple that can’t keep their hands off of each other.

  • Raw emotions - Laugh and ugly cry. Who cares about makeup. Don’t worry, I will probably laugh and ugly cry right along with you.

  • Couples who prioritize the moments together over the things that will fade away.

What i don’t care about

  • Pinterest. I get it. I get sucked into the Pinterest hole quite often but on this day I’m not about copying an image, I’m about capturing the real live couple standing in front of me with tears streaming down their face.

  • Any other wedding day agenda other than Bride and Groom. If there is any uncalled for, unneeded stressful situations. I’ve been a part of too many weddings where families have not been able to put aside their differences and this has put a damper on such a Holy, joyous day. This Wedding Day is not about anyone else but the Bride & Groom. I feel VERY passionate about this!!!

  • Belligerent, drunk receptions. Let’s have fun, let’s not be stupid.


Wedding Pricing

All packages are flexible! Let’s chat about what works best with your big day!!




engagement session with video clips
up to 10 hour wedding day coverage
second photographer
download of all high-res digital files
online proofing gallery
for viewing and ordering
10x10 leather heirloom album
2 6x6 leather heirloom parent albums




engagement session
up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage
download of all high-res digital files
online proofing gallery
for viewing and ordering
10x10 hardback wedding day album


Sweet & Simple


up to 4 Hours of wedding day coverage
download of all high-res digital files
online proofing gallery
for viewing and ordering

Add On

  • Engagement Session $350 (includes high-res downloads)

  • Engagement Session with video $500 (comes with slideshow ready footage)

  • Second Shooter $250

  • Rehearsal Coverage $200

  • Additional Wedding Hours $175 per hour

  • 10x10 Leather Heirloom Album (20 pages) $500

  • 6x6 Mini Leather Heirloom Album (20 pages) $350

  • 10x10 Hardback Photo Album (20 pages) $350

  • 6x6 Mini Hardback Photo Album (20 pages) $175


Let’s Do This!!

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