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Family Short Story

They are only little once.

I often look at my little boy (who is now 14 and not quite so little) and wish I remembered the last time I washed his hair. I wish I remembered the last time I held him on my hip, brushed his teeth, made him a bottle, sang silly songs, tucked a sleeping baby into bed. While we might not catch the last time...we will certainly capture all of these moments that are happening right now.

Let's take an afternoon, drink a cup of coffee and document this day...this day that might feel like every other but is truly just a moment in time that goes by too fast. This day is not about poses, it's not about perfect. It's about real life!

Love Stories

Imagine with me, sitting next to your lover at the age of 80 and looking back on that moment in your life when you took the time to document what you meant to each other. Snuggling there, watching your Grandchildren giggle as Grandpa twirls Grandma around and catches her before she falls down.

Newly engaged? Madly in love? Anniversary? Let’s tell your love story for generations to come.

Holiday Short Story

Whether it be baking cookies, gathering around the piano to sing Christmas Carols, trimming the tree, stringing popcorn or hanging the lights, this is about those traditions. Let’s spend the afternoon together drinking hot cocoa, wearing our Santa hats and rocking around the Christmas Tree while capturing memories for years to come.


How long does a short story shoot last?

About 2-3 hours!

What do we do?

Depending on what kind of Short Story shoot it is, we will always discuss beforehand. If it’s baking Christmas cookies, we will talk about what we will do leading up to that. If it’s just capturing morning routines, we will discuss what those routines are and maybe some things we can add in. These mornings are meant to be relaxing and not about setting up poses or smiling at the camera.

How do you take photos and video?

It’s a seamless change that I am able to do quickly. I generally try to read situations and maneuver between the two without you even noticing.