Photography for adventurous, free spirited Seniors 

Smile, darling! it’s your Senior Year!!

Do you find yourself driving with your hand out of the window making waves through the wind?
Do you turn up the radio and sing at the top of your lungs without a care who is watching?
Do you run barefoot just because you can?
Do you dance in the rain even if no one is there to dance with you?
Do you stop and let the wind hit you in the face, arms outstretched while soaking in a sunset?
Do you dig down deep into your soul while doing something you are passionate about?
Do you feel all the feels of a moment that is here and then gone?
Do you love Love? Do you love memories?
Do you want to take Senior Pictures that make you feel something?



A lot of times I find that seniors put very high expectations on their senior pictures.  “I have to look exactly like my Pinterest Senior Board?!?!” The problem is, all of those high expectations can suck all of the fun out of this process!!! This is about YOU! This is about your journey! Lose the expectations! Just be YOU! Let’s get out there and laugh until our sides hurt!



While I definitely get some good smiles for mom and grandma, I also let you throw back your head and feel all the good vibes. Candid, free moments…calm, moody moments…rock star, posed moments…easy, relaxed moments. We move through the shoot with ease and let the wind take us where it might! 



Whether you are looking to take your pictures in a field, at your family farm, cruising a concrete jungle or in a sweet downtown square, we will take the time to find the perfect spot that speaks to you. I am always happy to help and give you some ideas for locations!



Why just a 2-3 hour session?

My favorite thing to do is chase the sun. Golden hour is my favorite time of light. SO I usually start to shoot about 2-3 hours before sunset!! It all depends on when we can get started!!

What does unlimited locations mean?

It means whatever we can fit into our shooting hours. If you want to shoot downtown Nashville but also Nature, there are definitely spots to drive to. Just remember…drive time is included in your hours!

How many outfits can i bring?

As many as you would like….just remember…be super speedy in your changes! The more you are in front of my camera, the more images you get!

How many images will i get?

I have no limits. You will get all of the best ones, including outtakes. Everyone loves a good outtake!!

What is your editing process?

Making you look amazing. That’s my editing process. I do not over edit photos to make you look like you came strolling out of a phone app. I love freckles. I love what makes you you. But, that pesky zit that popped up the night before…don’t worry. I got you.

How do i get my images?

I will send you a link!! From there you can download them to your computer and individual pics to your phone for social media!! Prints and canvases are also for sale on this online gallery.


I have decided to create a single, simple senior session that includes all high-res digital downloads. With every session you will receive a gallery of all of your pictures to download! All products and prints will be available through the gallery to purchase.

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Senior Session

2-3 Hour Session

Unlimited Locations

Unlimited Outfit Changes

Online gallery


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