Year Round Senior

One 2 Hour Session in the Fall
One 2 Hour Session in the Spring

Each session is Unlimited Locations

Unlimited Outfit Changes (typical is 3-4)

Online gallery & Edited Digital Downloads

Influencer Style Senior


This package includes photoshoots THROUGHOUT your senior year to keep your feed up to date and get professional photos for all those special moments and milestones! (Talk about Senior Sundays!!!) You can get summer fun, fall leaves, snow, prom, best friends photoshoot, sports, cap n gown, YOU NAME IT!

TEN, 30 minute sessions throughout the year. YES! TEN SESSIONS! One outfit per session.

Immediately after your session we will choose 15 of YOUR FAVORITE photos. I will complete the Smile, darling! Luxe retouch on them and deliver within 24 hours so you can share on social media right away (delivered when payment has been made).

Online gallery & Edited Digital Downloads

*Payment is $1200 up front or 12 monthly payments of $100


name only-01.png

Let’s take some
Senior Pictures!!

More than likely, you have been feeling like this day would NEVER get here and your parents are absolutely freaking out because this day came too soon!!! But alas, here we are!!

Smile, darling! senior sessions are all inclusive! This means you pay up front for your session, hair and makeup and all of the high resolution digital files! There is no minimum purchases after that, no product sales pitches, no hidden fees!

Each session is unlimited locations & unlimited outfit changes. (Be aware on the shorter sessions, this will take up time)

You are ALWAYS welcome to purchase your prints and canvases through me but you are not required to!!

Hair & Makeup

I DO require Hair and Makeup! First off, it will make you feel AMAZING and ready to rock the camera!! Second, it makes your skin flawless. Who doesn’t love that? We are ready to go as Glam or Natural as you want!!

Mini Senior

1 Hour Session

Unlimited Locations

Unlimited Outfit Changes (typical is 2)

Online gallery & Edited Digital Downloads

Full Senior

2 Hour Session

Unlimited Locations

Unlimited Outfit Changes (typical is 3-4)

Online gallery & Edited Digital Downloads

Sun Chasing Senior

3 Hour Session

Unlimited Locations

Unlimited Outfit Changes

Online gallery & Edited Digital Downloads


When are your sessions?

Shoot days during the 2019-2020 Season are Wednesdays!

Golden hour is my favorite time of light. SO I usually start to shoot in the hours before sunset!! It all depends on when we can get started!!

What does unlimited locations mean?

It means whatever we can fit into our shooting hours. If you want to shoot downtown Nashville but also Nature, there are definitely spots to drive to. Just remember…drive time is included in your hours!

How many outfits can i bring?

As many as you would like….just remember…be super speedy in your changes! The more you are in front of my camera, the more images you get!

How many images will i get?

I have no limits. You will get all of the best ones, including a few outtakes. Everyone loves a good outtake!!

What is your editing process?

Making you look amazing. That’s my editing process. I do not over edit photos to make you look like you came strolling out of a phone app. I love freckles. I love what makes you you. But, that pesky zit that popped up the night before…don’t worry. I got you.

How do i get my images?

I will send you a link!! From there you can download them to your computer and individual pics to your phone for social media!! Prints and canvases are also for sale on this online gallery.