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Smile, darling! Photography Senior Rep Program

Take a minute to read through this page WITH YOUR PARENTS to find out more information about the program, meet me, and take the next step towards having the most awesome senior year!

Please be sure to read this page all the way through!  It's a little lengthy but I promise worth your time!


At the end, if you feel like this program isn't for you NO WORRIES!! You can opt out. You will be given the chance to move forward or opt out by choosing the "Yes, I'm in" or the "Not For Me" buttons!!

Applications are open until February 28! Senior Darlings will be announced March 9 on Facebook and Instagram!

Why Be a Senior Rep?

Smile, darling! Senior Model Reps are free spirited girls with big dreams, hopes, personalities and a great love of life! This program is centered around how amazing this time in your life is and the wonder of being a High School Senior. You are starting the journey of a lifetime. You are wrapping up all you have ever known and stepping out into the world of the unknown! How exciting is that? This program is the chance to document this time of your life that will pass by in the blink of an eye. (Don’t believe me? Ask any girl pictured on this page!) 

Being a Senior Rep is nothing but fun. There will be lots of laughter, bonding, hanging out and feeling beautiful. You will be able to look back on these moments in a few years and be reminded about what an amazing year you had! can even add it to your college application! Who doesn't love that?


Meet Allison

My name is Allison Steinquest and I live in this amazing little town of Springfield. I moved here in June of 2014 and I love this sweet city AND I'm excited to see it's growth. I have been a photographer for a little over 10 years now and I cherish each relationship that I have made with families, friends and neighbors. 

My senior photographs were taken at Opryland Hotel. I went with my best friend and a photographer that my mom and dad knew. We decided to leave all of our changes of clothes in the bathroom while we went out into the garden to shoot pictures. (Genius!!) Needless to say the maids picked them up and we spent the majority of our shoot running around trying to find our clothes!! Our photographer was OH SO MAD at us because he was waiting while we were on the wild goose chase of finding our prom dresses and blue jeans! I'm pretty sure we both cried!!!!! I laugh about it now...but that bad experience makes me want to create such a great experience for the seniors that I work with. 

Here is a peek into who I am:

  • I'm tall! 6'...which works in my favor being a photographer, not so much when looking for jeans.

  • I laugh. A lot. And loudly. But that never hurt anyone....well....maybe there was that one kid.

  • I am married to an amazing man who is a teacher at Austin Peay and a musician with the Nashville Symphony. His name is David. I am a mom to one of the coolest, beatboxing kids around. His name is Sam and he's 15. I also have two step sons who are all grown up and in college, Ben and Ethan!

  • While one half of my heart is photography, the other half is music. I'm a musician and I teach with the marching band during the Fall at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville. I am a percussionist but my main instrument is the marimba. (like a great big xylophone) I also sing and play the piano whenever I get the opportunity. Christmas is my JAM though. Fact: I have a Christmas CD out!!! is where you can get one!!

  • I have an old soul and I love vintage beauty. I'm a little bit of a Goodwill queen and I seem to have a quirky view of the world.

  • I always have new hair. Color, cut, name it. I love hair!! It's such a fun canvas so I take advantage of it. I always say that the next time you see me my hair will be a different color. My friends can vouch for that.

  • Find me on Instagram @smileforallison

Being a Senior Rep

Group Meeting

A group meeting will be held THIS SPRING once Darlings are chosen. (date tbd) It will be held at a set location in Springfield. This will be a time where the girls will get to know each other and talk about what everyone wants to get out of this experience! Plus we will go over important details and have fun surprises and our annual paint war and first photo shoot!

Group Session


The first group photo shoot will be held in THE SUMMER and is MANDATORY! (We will decide on a date when everyone can make it at the first meeting) This will be an all day event with laughter, lemonade, pizza and photos! This session will give you the opportunity to get to know me before our one on one session and is how we jump start the program. It will be a styled/themed shoot so think pretty colors, hats, sunglasses, bubble gum...oh my! I can hardly stand it!! Is it Summer yet?

There will be several opportunities for other photo shoots throughout the fall. These are not mandatory and usually spur of the moment. But I can not stress enough that the more you put in to your year, the more you get out of it!!

The second official group photo shoot will be held around 4th of July celebrating the American darling!

The third group photo shoot will be End of December. This is a quick shoot celebrating your GRADUATION YEAR/NEW YEARS!! C/O 2020!!!!!

Your final group photo shoot will be held right before you graduate. This will be our farewell shoot and a celebration of your year of being a Senior Darling.

There will be random "model call" shoots that will not be required but you would have SO much won't want to miss out.

All non mandatory photo shoot days will be scheduled ahead of time and on a day when most can make it. 

From all sessions you will receive a download of high resolution photos to print, share on social media and share with friends and family. 

Your Senior Session


All 2020 Senior Reps representing Smile, darling! Photography will schedule their Senior Photo Shoot.  We will chat so that, together, we can plan out a senior shoot that just screams YOU: your interests, what makes you happy, what intrigues you, your quirks, your style, your Smile, darling! I want your parents or guardians and family members to see your pictures and get that pitter patter in their heart that they have had your whole life...the one that makes them think through all of your years...that feeling that makes them squeal with glee and then brings tears to their eyes because of the love they have for you. I want you to have an amazing time at your senior session. This is one of those moments that you will always remember! 

After this session, like the group session, you will receive your edited high resolution photos to print and download for sharing with friends and family!


What is Required of Reps

One Time Fee

  • A one time, non refundable fee of $350 is due before the first meeting.

  • This fee goes towards your Senior Pictures, all of your downloads, costs for snacks, props, shoot details, pizza, fireworks, etc.

  • THIS FEE DOES NOT GO TOWARDS: Meals on a destination shoots, any rental we might do a destination shoot in (not mandatory), prints from my lab (although you can purchase online if you want to!), .

Be there

  • You must attend the first group meeting and participate in the one mandatory group photo shoot with all Senior Darlings.

Shout Outs

  • Use your photographs on your social media!!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


2020 Models are exclusive to Smile, darling! Photography. This means that you will not have your senior photos taken by any other photographer if you are still part of the program. If you do choose to do this without letting me know you will be dropped from the program will not receive your payment of $350 back. (I do realize that sometimes schools, dance teams, sports teams require you to take photos with their photographer for the yearbook, etc. That is totally understandable and not included in this exclusivity clause. Schools can be pretty strict about this so follow those rules!) Basically COMMUNICATE!!!!!!

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TALKED TO ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER ABOUT TAKING YOUR SENIOR PHOTOS PLEASE STAY LOYAL TO THEM!! This is our livelihood. I know and am friends with a lot of these amazing women who live in this area. Their work is STUNNING. Please do not break any contracts that you have already made with any other photographer. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION. These people are my friends and I will not stand for breaking any of these rules.

This is your time! This will be YOUR summer! Let's make it the best ever and capture it on film.

You're almost done!

Now that you have read more about what it means to be a Darling, let me know if it's for you!!! If you decide that it is, you are required to get TWO teacher recommendations. Please give me their name, what they teach and their email.

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You're Done!

Applications are open until February 28! 2020 Senior Darlings will be announced March 9 on Facebook and Instagram!

Much love and Cheers! 

-Allison Steinquest